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The highest capacity of Akyurek Technology equipment is achieved by automation. As a result of many years of experience we can advise the best automation level for controlling the processes. In this respect, Akyurek Technology obvious strength is that we have gathered our knowledge of processes, systems and automation into one organization and, by choosing Akyurek Technology as an automation partner, our customers get a properly dimensioned system based on modern technology and optimized functionality. The advantages of being a turnkey partner include design and execution, as well as subsequent servicing when the need arises.

Turnkey partner

Akyurek Technology turnkey contracts include PLC and SCADA for process control and electrical panel installations for machinery and building facilities alike. Our electrical engineers not only have expertise in the complete design and execution of electrical facilities and process control, but also in designing systems and equipping machinery.

Panel installations

Akyurek designs and supplies all types of electrical panel installations for complete systems: distribution panels, power-factor correction panels, circuit-breaker panels and PLC panels.

Process control

A plant’s machinery and equipment are controlled by PLC systems adapted to the size and organization of the system. A SCADA system is used for operating and monitoring the plant. A SCADA system makes it possible to program special functions for operating, monitoring and alerting, but also makes it possible to store and present empirical data.

Management Information System

It is currently common for modern production plants in the grain, seed and feed industry to use computer-based controls for managing input, output and flow, e.g. automated storage and production controls, capacity optimization, quality assurance, logging energy use, etc. Akyurek is also at the cutting edge in this area by providing computer systems that – in conjunction with weighing machines and SCADA systems – can log, store and process data concerning material transactions to and from storage facilities, as well as additions and partitioning during the production process.


Serving customers is an important aspect of Akyurek Technology image, not least in the area of process control. Process control provides the first indication of error at a plant and, in the vast majority of instances, this can be used for localizing the error, an area in which Akyurek Technology service staff are widely experienced. We place this experience at the immediate disposal of our customers, as all our SCADA systems are Internet linked and we can be online within a few minutes regardless of where in the world a System is located.

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