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The Excell Series Flat Screen Graders designed for efficient grading of all cereals, seed grain, grass, garden seed, legumes, etc. Akyurek Technology has carefully desgined and field approved many different types and models of Excell Flat Screen Seed Grader machines. Counter flow screen set up allos users to achive required analyses as per their customers & market need. Low capacity high analyses or high capacity high analyses can be achived by a sutiable model of Excell Screen grader, a wide varitiy of choices to choose from. Each Model of Screen grader optimised by perfect engineering design, here are some summery of the features of our Screen Graders.


In-Take Hopper

- Provides commodity storage for even and steady loading rate on Screen Cleaner deck for uniformed separation.
- Overload warning with Level Sensor.

Full-width Vibratory:

- Separate control panel ensures a uniform flow over the entire width of the sieve
- Is self-cleaning.
- Ensures optimal capacity utilization of the machine.

Screenshoes of Birch Plywood:

- Are constructed with replaceable wear plates and sieve runners in exposed areas.
- Have a long lifetime because the birch plywood easily tolerates the vibrations of the screen shoes.

Bal Box

- Ensures efficient cleaning of sieves by means of rubber balls.
- Is cast solid so that it prevents stuck seeds etc.
- Is separately mounted in the screen shoes which ensures a quick change of sieves without removing the ball boxes.

Balanced Eccentric System:

- Is fitted with counter weights ensuring steady running. - Ensures maximum untilization of the cleaning effect of the sieves owing to accurately attuned stroke an RPM.

Change of Product Flow

- Makes many different product flows possible according to the capacity, product, number of fractions etc.

Akyurek Excell Sieves For All Purpose:

- Available with round and long holes from 0,50 to 25,0 mm.
- Are available in a standard size of 800 mm(L) x 1250 mm(w)=1m, which can be used in more than 80% of the Akyurek Excell program so the number of sieves needed is reduced.

Easy to operate:

- Because all adjustments are placed at a suitable height.
- Is a standard with outlets and adjustments placed on the right hand side seed from the inlet end.
- Is available in special left-hand design.

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