Groundnut Processing Equipment  


Pressure-type with an enclosed deck and the fan placed inside the box creating a positive air pressure up through the vibrating deck with screen.

Vacuum-type which is completely enclosed with a fan mounted away from the machine, creating a "suction" of air through the vibrating deck with screen.

De-Stoners Machine

Akyurek Technology De-stoners are known for their remarkably fast and thorough separation of heavy foreign material removal. Right now they are working throughout the world on spices, chemicals, coffee, peanuts, cereals, beans, wheat, minerals and numerous other products.

The De-stoner operates on the basic principle of flowing dry granular material over a vibrating screen covered deck that is inclined. The Akyurek Technology De-stoners have the same basic function as gravity separator with the only difference being the De-stoner has two fractions - light & heavy, and the gravity separator has multiple fractions.


De-stoners are placed in many different locations in a cleaning system, both before and after cleaners and gravity separators. Destoning is not only used as a means of eliminating contaminants to improve the purity of the product, but is also essential to remove stones to eliminate excessive wear on all types of grinding mills, flaking machines, etc.


The basic principle involves flowing dry material over an inclined, vibrating, screen covered deck. The steady air flow holds the material in stratified flotation. The lighter material stays in the upper strata as it flows down the inclined vibrating deck with screens. The heavier material, such as stones, coarse sand, glass, metal, etc., travels up the inclined vibrating deck.

De-Stoners Machine

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