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Density Separator


Akyurek Technology Peanut Density


Separator has a wide variety of application area;

•Stone Separation from Ground Peanut (any admixture that is heavier than Ground Peanut; Stones, Glass, metals, dirt balls est.)
•Empty or Half Empty Ground Peanut Separation from Prime Ground Peanut
•Un-hulled Peanut Separation from Hulled Peanut
•Simple operation
•Stainless Steel contacts available
•Full enclosed dust hood
•High efficiency fluidization provided by a single fan
•Counterbalanced eccentric
•Uniform Feeding for optimum separation

Unshelled & Shelled Peanut Separator / KFSPR – 2000 – 13 – V1 This machines provides separation of empty and half-empty products from the natural product.

Working Principle: Peanut is conveyed to the hopper by an elevator which feeds the machine. Pre-Storage hopper feeds seed on to the screen of the machine continuously,
Air pressure for the Stratifying zone on the Screen of the density Separator supplied by an internal fan. Eccentric movement of the machine and provided bed of air starts the separation task of the light and heavy particals.
Light items/admixtures or impurities leaves from the side chute and heavy items/seeds/ kernels leaves from the front chute.
Air exhaust is done form the top of the machine.


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