Groundnut Processing Equipment  


Akyurek Technology G.MAC-010 Gravity Separator - machines for the perfect separation of products with a different weight, grading by specific weight of products with very slight differenced in size and/or weight, which cannot be sepparated by screening (width) or by indented cylinders (lenght).


The separator products on a fluidised bed principle; air is forced through the deck causing the light fraction to float above the heavy fraction.

The deck is reciprocated causing the heavy fraction to move uphill, while the light fraction floats downhill. Variations in deck speed, air volume, deck material, deck angle (lengthwise and sidewise), and take-off points allow effective separation to be achieved on almost any dry product. The Re-Sort Conveyor Belt which is located below the Gravity Separator’s Platform conveys the middling seeds to the feeder elevator so the seeds that are not certain of their quality is re-separated thus allows the operator to control the out put quality in finer results.


- Seed processing of grain, cereals, corn, fine seed, legumes, cotton seeds, oil seeds, paddy
- Food processing separation of impurities in vegetables, lentils, peas, chick peas, beans, coffee, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.
- Separation of metals, plastic, rubber, wood, minerals.
- Sorting of tree seeds, pulses, grasses, herbs.


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