Groundnut Processing Equipment  


Peanut Blancher and Its supporting Equipments Machine used for peeling skin of half roasted peanut. Extracts peanut out of machine either as a whole or in two pieces.



Half roasted product is poured into pre-storage of elevator. Skins removed due to heat, are initially vacuumed into cyclone as product moves through in to the machine. To prevent harm of any metal which comes into machine magnet grill is placed into two channels on the top of the machine. Peanut skin is removed as it moves along the rotating rollers. Peanut kernel and skin falls on linear vibratory feeder and exposed to Air Vacuum Channel before leaving the machine. Aspirated skin moves in to Cyclone.


-Adjustable rotating Sand Paper Rollers Skin removing system are formed of sand papers fitted on revolving rollers
-High Quality Mechanic System All rolls are fixed onto body with rotating roller connections. Tuning and amendment of roll settings are simplified.
-Uniform feeding with Pre-Storage hopper and Vacuum System
Constant feeding is important for machine to operation success. A 1,5 m3 Pre-Storage Hopper is placed on the top of machine. -Easily Opening Transparent cover. Operations are easier through transparent cover. Machine adjustment and grinding amendments are easily handled


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